Minecraft Creeper Diamond

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Minecraft Creeper Diamond

If you miss a great Minecraft Adventure game – Minecraft Creeper Diamond, it’s so sad because this game challenges you to win all its tough levels. Let’s go and check how many levels you may win.

Look! A small creeper is at the bottom of a mountain and tries to reach the top in order to pick up a worthy diamond. Hurry to guide him through various obstacles on the road and get the destination. Remember to avoid lava pits and bad aliens. If the creeper falls into any lava pit, is eaten by monsters, and stands on arrow blocks so long, the adventure will be sent back at the last checkpoint where every flag is set up. Be smart and clever to bring him to the target soon, guys!

Play Minecraft Creeper Diamond and beat all kinds of the obstacles!


Move with the arrow keys.
Move with the spacebar.

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Minecraft Creeper Diamond, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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