Mine Blocks 1.23 Cool Math Games

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Mine Blocks 1.23 Cool Math Games

Want to build a luxurious house somewhere, guys? Mine Blocks 1.23 Cool Math Games is here for you to create anything you love. Come on and enjoy it now!

Look! Do you love its world? Wow! It is really nice. Cute animals are lurking around you. Many colorful flowers and grass are welcoming you. Why don’t you set up a warm house here to live a wonderful life? Ok, let’s go and start building it now. The first task is to collect materials on the ground or in trees. They are wood, rocks, stones, cobblestones, and sand. After that, place these materials and let the house grow on a nice area. Don’t forget to construct a garden to plant vegetables and a farm to feed the cute animals. Finally, move around the house to decorate its scene by putting some stuff inside it and growing saplings outside.

Enjoy Mine Blocks 1.23 Cool Math Games now!


Move with the arrow keys.
Build with the mouse.

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Mine Blocks 1.23 Cool Math Games, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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