Minecraft Cake Ingredients Game

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Minecraft Cake Ingredients Game

Come on and tell me you are a good cook who can make delicious cakes. Let’s play Minecraft Cake Ingredients Game and prove your cooking skills.

In the game, players are assigned to make the nicest and most delicious birthday cake for the Prince. They are given a diamond pickaxe, and their first task is to go inside a cave to collect necessary ingredients like sugar, wheat, milk, and eggs. They will use the diamond pickaxe to destroy 5 different types of rocks. Each of the black rocks is worth 1 point only, but the blue one costs 5 points. Once the players gain 5 points, a cake ingredient shows up. Try to earn 100 points and achieve all of the ingredients. Hope you can bake the good cake, guys.

Enjoy Minecraft Cake Ingredients Game now!


Use the mouse to mine.

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